The TJB Artist Series: James° × Schoph

For our latest artist series, we've teamed up with UK artist (and long-time friend) Schoph Schofield. Schoph came to prominence through snowboarding, and has done collaborations with brands including Volcom, Lib Tech and Vans. His aesthetic is drawn from music (mostly stoner rock) and more traditional techniques. We've wanted to work with Schoph for a while and are proud to collaborate with him on our latest artist series.

The Mind of Schoph Schofield.

His style can be dark and brooding, but this is contrasted by his use of bright colors. There's a clear energy in his art that reflects the action sports culture that he's been a foundational part of. His work has been exhibited globally, and Schoph travels often, splitting time between the UK and California. He works closely with legendary snowboarder Jamie Lynn on many projects, including a collaborative art project called 1910. Given a choice, he prefers Guinness and Motorhead.

James° × Schoph the hell gap-

The Hell Gap.

James° × Schoph painting

Tools for Life.


Schoph's Daily Kit.

For our collaboration with Schoph we created a collection of his favorite TJB products, including the Hell Gap fixed-blade knife and the Elko; both feature exclusive artwork that Schoph created for this collaboration. We've also created a long-sleeve tee, and a limited edition, hand-signed and numbered poster.

schoph hell gap
James° × Schoph elko
James° × Schoph elko closed
James° × Schoph poster
James° × Schoph tee

The James° × Schoph Hell Gap

When we approached Schoph about this collaboration he was clear about what he wanted to work on: The Hell Gap. A fixed blade knife is a staple for him, and he wanted to make version that he would use on the daily. This version of the Hell Gap features distressed brass scales which give it some mass in hand; it's the first time that we've used brass in this way. We also created a full-grain leather sheath specifically for the collab that features Schoph's artwork and that can be attached to a belt. The TJB × Schoph Hell Gap is a limited-edition of 50 units.

James° × Schoph walking england
James° × Schoph at bar
James° × Schoph hell gap in hand