Committed to communication since day one.

We’ve been committed to the Communication category since our earliest days. We launched the Benton pen back in 2017; it was one of our earliest product offerings and it was our first departure from pocket knives. Communication is a key part of TJB, as it’s a critical part of the daily kit of the people that make us who we are. From sketching designs for new product concept, to journaling after an epic weekend hike, to filling out customs forms on an international trip, the people of James use pens, pencils and notebooks on the daily.

We’ve doubled down on the Communication category with a handful of new products, including the Gatecliff notebook sleeve, the Burwell click pen and a new version of our Stilwell two-part compact pen, and a new 3-pack of TJB notebooks. These new products, along with our Blackwing pencils, Field Notes and our branded ink refills make up our collection, and this is only the beginning. Communication is a fundamental part of our view of daily carry. Nothing sits next to your pocket knife as well as your favorite pen does.